Bringing the idea

of respect home

One of the most common complaints that we hear parents say about their kids is that they lack respect. We at the RespectTeam seek to change the perspective of respect from being something that is set aside to something that is applied. Not only will we teach your child how to respect themselves, but we will also teach them how to respect you. But it doesn’t end there, we will also provide empowerment sessions for you throughout the year about ways that you can help your child through the issues that affect their self-respect/respect of others. Make sure to check the calendar for upcoming empowerment sessions designed just for you!



Respect your S.E.L.F.

This presentation is designed for 7th grade health classes. Students will learn S.E.L.F-respect by focusing on their Skills, Experiences, Likes, and Foundation. They will also learn about how to avoid different hindrances in life that could threaten the health of their S.E.L.F. This presentation is in accordance with the Indiana Department of Education standards for middle school abstinence education.

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Respect Me. Respect You.

This presentation is designed for 8th grade health classes. Students will think through what it means to know who they are, who they will become and how to set limits in life to make sure their future goals can happen. This presentation is in accordance with the Indiana Department of Education standards for middle school abstinence education.

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Respect in Relationships

This presentation is designed for high school health classes. It focuses on the subjects of respecting yourself by learning your personality style and communication style and respecting others by learning how differences can be respected and understood. Students will also learn that setting boundaries in relationships can not only help with self-respect but also with respect of others. This presentation is in accordance with the Indiana Department of Education standards for high school abstinence education.

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Amy Hanna

Amy is the co-founder and director for the RespectTeam. She graduated from Ball State with an Elementary Education degree, as well as, earning credits in several communication and counseling classes. Amy has been a mentor to hundreds of teen girls for over 15 years, a speaker at several area churches and businesses, and a speaker in public and private schools for over 7 years. In her "spare time," Amy is a wedding assistant, a swim coach, and a Skin Care/Makeup Consultant for Mary Kay Cosmetics. Amy’s motto in life is "Live Your Life On Purpose," which for her means that she is going to make every moment that she is here on earth count.

Scott Haddix

Scott Haddix is excited to be continuing his extraordinary experience with students at RespectTeam and is excited about the potential to expand presentations and capture new audiences in this new venture. Scott has invested his 22 year vocational life working with Middle School, High School and College age students after graduating from Taylor University Fort Wayne. As the Director of Student Ministries, Scott communicated with thousands of students annually and has spoken to audiences throughout the United States. He and Amy created exponential growth as a communication team seeing the number of students hearing presentations regarding Respect, Healthy Decision Making, Dating Violence and Prevention expand from a few hundred to nearly 10,000 students annually. Scott has presented to students in nearly every high school in the regional area over the past 8 years. When Scott isn’t presenting to students in the classroom you can find him on the volleyball court. Currently he is the Head Women’s Volleyball Coach at the University of Saint Francis, and Club Owner and Director of Summit City Wave Volleyball Club. Happily married and the Father of 3 daughters he finds himself immersed in teen culture whether at work or trying to relax at home. He has hopes to do some writing one day and return to the national speaking circuit as time passes.

Lindsey Miner

Lindsey has been working with youth of all ages for several years, but more specifically with teens for the past 8 years. Her passion to work with teens became stronger after she became pregnant with her daughter her senior year of high school. She knew then that she wanted to educate and help teens learn how to respect themselves and have healthy, long-lasting relationships. Lindsey graduated from college with a major in Early Adolescence Education (Middle School) in math and science.