About Us


To encourage healthy respect of self and others through educational programs and relevant connections to the community.



To educate students at public, private and parochial schools about the topics of self-respect and respect of others.


To empower those that live with and work with teenagers with information on topics of self-respect and respect of others.


To engage students in the community through connections with organizations and businesses that serve as resources for teenagers and their families, and through events such as the 360AWARDS and TeenSpeak.


Prior to the founding of our organization in 2015, founders, Scott Haddix and Amy Hanna, were motivational speakers in Fort Wayne, IN and surrounding area schools. They spoke to thousands of teenagers in area public and private high schools and middle schools about the importance of healthy relationships. Because they desired to provide authentic and relevant presentations at no cost to schools, and because the teachers at each of the represented schools wanted them to impact their students with a well-rounded message of RESPECT, they decided to expand their curriculum and form a non-profit speaking organization called the RespectTeam.


As our speaking team continues to grow, we look forward to having a presence in all Northeast Indiana high schools and middle schools. Although our heart is in Northeast Indiana, we would love to see the message of respect be spread throughout Indiana and beyond. We believe that in order for us to spread the message of self-respect and respect of others that it must start with the youth in the community. Respectful youth grow into respectful adults and the combination of the two will shape a respectful community.