Cultivating Teen Leaders

Leadership is needed in our youth, but it’s not always taught.

It’s expected, but it’s not
always cultivated.

Below are 10 Lessons to Teach Teens to Cultivate Leadership:

  1. How to meet new people, find commonality and feel comfortable around others
  2. How to remember people’s names
  3. How to organize ideas and prioritize
  4. How to develop the qualities of a leader
  5. How to be a public speaker
  6. How to have leadership confidence
  7. How to cast a vision, get people to buy into your mission, and plan out strategies
  8. How to LISTEN
  9. How to build trust
  10. How to relate to others who are different than you

Our teens become the adult leaders in our community, in our workplaces, and in our

If we don’t start teaching them how to be leaders now, at a time where they are
moldable and ready to learn, then we miss our window of opportunity.

Healthy, respectful teens grow into healthy, respectful adults, and in turn create a
healthy, respectful community.

When a teenager realizes that their voice matters, there is nothing stopping them.

Teaching Teens How to Lead in School:

  1. Have a positive influence on friends
  2. Take a leadership role in a club/on a team/run for an office
  3. Speak up for those in need
  4. Learn people’s names, a smile goes a long way
  5. Help others to achieve their goals too

Teaching Teens How to Lead at Home:

  1. Build better relationships with siblings
  2. Show parental figures respect
  3. Help with chores/responsibilities
  4. Help plan family activities
  5. Be a role model for younger siblings/family members

Teaching Teens How to Lead in the Community:

  1. Volunteer for a non-profit
  2. Fundraise for a charity
  3. Find your passion and get involved
  4. Communicate respectfully with those in leadership positions
  5. Be a responsible citizen