Finding Joy in the Things that are Good

Have you ever been so down about the bad parts in your life that you don’t remember how to find enjoyment out of things that are good?

Back in 2010, I was scared and doubtful because I focused too long on things that nearly destroyed me and my soul. It was during this time in my life that a list of my favorite hobbies was birthed.  This list of hobbies was created to remind myself of things that I once enjoyed and I became determined to train myself to enjoy them again. These are things that I could do that wouldn’t lure me back to the things, people, and places that had nearly destroyed me.  I didn’t trust myself near those things, people, and places. You see, I now knew what the human heart was capable of and had the smarts to NEVER even peek around the corner.  I was valuable, and even though I didn’t feel or believe it, I was ready to do things differently. So, I relearned what it meant to enjoy life without destroying myself and my soul.

I’m not sharing this list with you to be cute or funny because, quite frankly, nothing about this time of my life was cute or funny. I’m sharing this list with you to show you just how dark my life had gotten(so much so that I had to write out things that I could enjoy without unraveling again).

It may be the silliest, childish thing you’ve ever done (like writing out a list of hobbies) but if it keeps you from going into a pit of despair, living a life of shame and regret, then you go for it, because you are worth it, you are valuable and you deserve to enjoy your life!

“Based on the writings of Maria Bowersock”


WRITTEN BY Maria Bowersock