Friendship Frenzy

As a high school student, I feel like the past two years have taught me that the people we surround ourselves with matter; we become who we hang out with. I think I have found that in order to find the best friends I must be the type of person in which I would want myself to be friends with


Confusing, right? 


You should be the type of friend that you want in your life, and many people, usually the right ones will be attracted to the qualities in which you carry. 


So what are these qualities? What are we looking for in ourselves, but also others? 


I’m a firm believer in encouraging friendshipsBuild your friends up, remind them that they are needed and loved, and be their biggest fan in all they do. My closest friends do these things so well. They support me in everything I do and give me small gestures once and a while that remind me that I am loved. In addition, if we long for friendships like this, we must do the same for others. 


I also believe in relationships that are full of tough love. After going through many different things in my life, my friends have taught me the importance of this. We must be willing to help give advice to our friends even when it may be hard. Often times, our friends can go down a wrong path, or make a wrong choice; we must love them enough to tell them when they don’t realize what they are doing wrong. I believe that if you are willing to be a loving friend and sometimes even give tough love, those around you will appreciate it and one day you will too.  


My dad always says that you are the sum of the five people you spend most of your time around. School accounts for thirty five out of 168 hours in a week. If you’re on a sports team you often times spend twelve to twenty hours with your teammates. Your family adds to another portion of your time; while you can’t choose your family, you can choose your friends. Choose friends that make wise choices. If they make some poor decisions eventually you may as well. You become who you hang around. I spend countless hours with my friends; whether it be school or just hanging out, I often times catch myself doing some of their tendencies. While in my case none of these habits have been bad things, they easily could have been. If you want to make good choices, your friends must be willing to do the same and not lead you into something that changes your lifestyle for the worse


You need someone for the good times and the bad ones. Your friendships should be full of sweet memories. Memories of watching your favorite movies, dinners, trips, summer weekends, and all things you enjoy doing together. But some other memories come from the sad times too. Times where you’ve worked through a difficult situation with your friends by your side. Your friends should be able to seize the good times and make the most out of the bad ones too. 


Stand up for your friends; present or not. Your friends should stick up for you no matter the situation, and fight for you. You should do the same for them. Whether they are in Spanish class while you’re in English class and you hear the mention of their name; you must be FOR THEM at all times even when they are not around. 


I think the basis of all relationships with people is that we need love and loyalty. Love your friends, support them in all they do, remind them that they are wanted and needed! But also, never leave their side; stay loyal in the good and bad times.


I love the quote that says, “Friendship is not about whom you’ve known the longest…It’s about who came and never left your side.”


Overall if we want good friends, we must become a good friend. Grow in your friendships and create new ones in every opportunity. For those of us that are students, challenge yourself…get to know at least one person better. Genuinely though....get to know their likes, their dislikes, their family, and all things in between. You never know how one relationship you build could flourish into something beautiful. 

WRITTEN BY Drezdan Ginder