Goals for 2018: Love yourself

Sure, it's important to take care of others, but properly loving other people often begins with wholeheartedly loving ourselves. For 2018, we challenge you to invest in yourself, both physically and emotionally, and we believe that begins with genuinely loving who you are. Here's four ways to get started:

Realize your value.

You are unique and wonderful. Every single thing about you has value. Every single person has something special to contribute to this world and that's why our differences are so important and should be celebrated. 

Be confident in who you are.

After you realize your value, it's easier to be confident in who you are. We all have different personality types (find yours with this little quiz). And you know what? No personality is better than another. There's no right or wrong in your personality, it just is. When you're able to discover deeper things about yourself, like why you do what you do or react the way you react, you can better manage your emotions or responses to situations when necessary. But never be ashamed of who you are, the world needs you to be you.

Invest in yourself.

Part of accepting and loving who you are is being willing to grow. Make goals for yourself, not based on other people, or changing something that is intrinsic to you, but based on who you want to be and where you want to go in life.

Stop comparing youself to others. 

When you compare yourself to another person, you're often comparing something you perceive as a strength for them to something you perceive as a weakness in yourself. With this mindset, you'll always fall short. Let them be them, and love them for who they are, but let you be you, and love yourself for who you are. 

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