Goals for 2018: Take a break from tech

love technology. I manage social media for my job. That's how much a love it; I spend 40+ hours a week doing it. Recently, though, I had a day when my laptop died and I left the charger at work (fail) and my phone was out of commission (another fail). Can I just tell you how refreshing it was? I connected with the people around me in a way I don't usually connect with them when I'm glancing at my phone (I even smiled at strangers passing by). I went outside even though it was a little chilly, because I had nothing else to do. I felt peace from the million things that stress me out on social media every day, and I went to bed refreshed and with a clear mind

And what did I miss? Nothing, really. I have serious FOMO. Even though I had a great day, I frantically checked the entire internet when I got my tech back. Turns out, the world didn't do anything interesting while I was away. That's when I decided I was going to take more tech breaks in 2018. Here's three ways I'm trying to break my addiction to the internet this year, join me!

1. Implementing tech-free zones

I'm making a committment to not use tech at certain times. My bedroom is a tech-free zone. The dinner table is another place I don't need tech. I'm also going to commit to a quick digital detox when I get home from work and make sure I use that time to connect with my family. Think of the places you use your gadgets where you could be spending time with the people you love instead and make a change!

2. Leaving my phone behind

If we take a walk to the park, I don't need my phone. If we're out for dinner at a restaurant, I'm going to leave my phone in my purse. Even taking it out and putting it (face down or faceup) on the table isn't going to be acceptable. If I don't want the temptation, I'm going to leave it out of reach.

3. Inviting someone else to join me. 

Accountability is powerful. If you're interested in following through with this challenge to yourself, tell someone! They might want to join you, and they'll definitely be able to tell you if you're getting off track!

For the year, I'm going to keep a journal of all the things I notice, feel, or learn while I'm spending time away from my phone. Let's share our experiences together!

WRITTEN BY Brittany King