I See You

I see you.

I see you Achieving your dreams to teach them to reach for the stars.

I see you Believing that they are able, even when they don’t think they can.

I see you Caring deeply about their then, their now, and their someday.

I see you Daring to be the best that you can be so that they can be better.

I see you Encouraging them to be kind even when others are not.

I see you Forgiving those that destroy with words, looks, and judgement.

I see you Giving up your time and your space just to spend one more moment with them.

I see you Healing with kisses, hugs and gentle words that soothe their wounded hearts.

I see you Inspiring them to set goals and to Reach. Every. One.

I see you Jumping at the opportunity to show them how to respect themselves and respect others.

I see you Keeping it all together so that they can feel secure, stable, and unwavering.

I see you Loving them with everything you have so that they can love others with everything they have.

I see you Making the small moments be the most memorable.

I see you Nudging them to push past their comfort zone and try something new.

I see you Opening their eyes to see the beauty in the world and not the negativity.

I see you Pausing to be thankful and soak in all of your blessings.

I see you Quieting the noise of chaos to surround them with peace.

I see you Raising them with a heart of strength and a life of integrity.

I see you Standing in the gap for them when they are about to slip away.

I see you Thriving in the place of contentment so that they can find joy.

I see you Understanding the Promises of Truth laid before you and binding them on their hearts.

I see you Valuing them as individuals designed to be perfectly wonderful in their own way.

I see you Waiting patiently, knowing that the best is yet to come.

I see you eXplaining that the true meaning of life is what has already been given to them.

I see you Yearning for their success but knowing that their failures are just as important.

I see you Zipping that zipper, wiping that tear, tying that shoe, brushing that hair because you know that one day they will no longer ask for your help, and that will be the day that they will truly be able to fly.