It seems like people are trying change who they are
To be different, to be something they aren't
And so we try to mask all the pain and the problems we face
By being more like the world to fill that empty space
Deepening the scars 
Hiding the person they truly are 
Kept deep inside 
Waiting to be awakened but is always denied
And under all the expensive clothes
And the face everyone knows
Lies a person so fragile, so hurt
Needing someone to save them, to give them some self-worth 
Except, no one can save them or show them who they are
So instead they try to find themselves through alcohol and cigars
Things the world is known for
the things we can't seem to ignore
But little do they know being like the world is worse
And because we are so lost, we just simply immerse
It becomes so easy to fade into the world
To just be another boy or girl
You'll never change the world by being more like it
So why not go out & try to fight it? 
We don't attempt to change the world because we are afraid
Fearful of the things that might pervade
Fear has the power to overcome anyone
Something so forceful, so strong, something we try to outrun
And because of this fear 
This dreadful, terrifying, frightful feeling 
We don't take the chance to give this world a meaning 
So while we're too worried if we stand out too much or don't fit in
It's just another sign that we're caving in
Into a world where everyone wants to be the same
And who are we? Well, we're the ones to blame 

WRITTEN BY Lizzy Clark