Start Walking...

       We spend our lives’ waiting. We wait for bad news or good news. We tell ourselves to wait until winter break, summer, or when the bell rings to be dismissed from math class. We wait for graduation or for college. We wait for opportunity or to be one year older. We wait for a new year, or until the perfect path reveals itself; we wait instead of choosing to walk on the path that lies right before us daily.


       Every day when you get out of bed, you have an essential decision to make; will I choose today to try something new, to make a difference, to be a friend, an encouragement…or will I choose today to get caught up in myself and worry about tomorrow?


       When you rise in the morning, choose to walk. Walk in the light of today rather than constantly wishing for tomorrow. Our society tells us to “survive,” to just get ourselves to the weekend or the next break, they tell us to “wait it out" or that "things will get better." What would happen if instead of waiting we choose to walk, and instead of only surviving we choose to thrive?


Thriving and taking a first step TODAY.


Courage, Change, and Choose.


1. Have Courage. We can’t change the past, or the decisions we made yesterday, but we can have courage today to understand how to walk and thrive tomorrow. It can be very difficult, because we long to know what lies ahead, but its’ important to understand that tomorrow has enough trouble of its own; equip yourself with courage today so you can conquer the struggles you may encounter tomorrow. Having courage will give you the strength for today.


2. Change your attitude. It’s easy to wake up in the morning and be tired, be annoyed, be worried, or selfish. It is definitely hard to wake up and choose to be joyful or positive when life is difficult. We can’t change our situation, but we can change our outlook and attitude. Jeffery Fry says, “A true test of character isn’t how you are on your best days, it is how you act on your worst days.” Your reaction to your trials and struggles show who you are.  Change your perspective; have a positive attitude toward schoolwork, teachers, friends, coaches, strangers, and co-workers, you never know how your response to adversity and struggle could impact someone else’s life! A positive attitude will teach you how to thrive today.


3. Choose today. Today, decide to be different from those you see around you. Today, decide the impact that you will make on those around you. Today, change your words to be kind. Today, choose to embrace the “now” rather than tomorrow. Today, try something new. Today, have the courage and the attitude to conquer the world. Walk on the road ahead of you today, because your journey may completely change tomorrow. Choose today to make a difference.  


       As we step out on the road ahead of us, and stop waiting for tomorrow, we have a great opportunity to live for today; to thrive in our homes, schools, teams, and work places. We have the amazing opportunity to impact someone daily. We get the privilege to make a change in our surroundings. Your success will come by equipping yourself with courage, a positive 

attitude, and making a difference today rather than tomorrow.


The road lies ahead, all you have to do is take the first step towards walking and thriving.


So let's Start Walking....

WRITTEN BY Drezdan Ginder