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1. Is my teen in an abusive relationship?

Deb King is a recent member of the RespectTeam and the founder of Jennifer's Harbor, a local resource for victims of domestic violence and their families. Since February is Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month, she's here to share some signs and tips for parents who believe their teenager is involved in an abusive relationship. 

Tags: parenting, abuse, relationships
2. Goals for 2018: Be a good friend

Practical steps you can take to improving your friendships in 2018.

Tags: relationships, friendship, goals for 2018
3. Goals for 2018: Healthy Relationships

Five ways to practice healthy relationships in 2018.

Tags: 2018 Goals, relationships
4. Couch Conversations: What is TRUE LOVE?

In this episode of Couch Conversations, Amy talks about relationships and how to tell if your relationship is TRUE LOVE or a true disaster.

Tags: true love, relationships
5. The Dating Dozen - Copy

12 Questions to ask your teen before they decide to date that special someone.

Tags: teens, dating, relationships
6. Just Ask Amy: Setting Boundaries

Amy, how can I make sure that I keep my boundaries in a relationship?

Tags: teens, relationships, boundaries, limits
7. Dear High School Self...

A beautiful and authentic entry from DasFort blogger, Brittany King, as she reflects on her high school years and uses her experiences to better herself and others.

Tags: relationships, reflection, authentic
8. Just Ask Amy: Emotional Attachment

Amy, how can I get rid of an emotional attachment toward someone without completely kicking them out of my life? Is there a way to prevent emotional ties in the future?

Tags: teens, emotions, attachment, relationships

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