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1. Experiencing Thankfulness in the Midst of Painful Situations

Maria Bowersock explains how to experience thankfulness in the midst of painful situations with practical tips.

Tags: thankful, teens
2. Couch Coversations: You are Valuable. You are Worth it.

In this episode of Couch Conversations, Amy shares the importance of self-respect and shares a message of truth and encouragement to those who may be struggling with seeing themselves as valuable and worth it.

Tags: teens, truth, self-respect, suicide prevention, value, worth, encouragement
3. The Secret Addiction of Self Harm - Copy

Local Teen Therapist and National Speaker, Pagie Clingenpeel, shares about the dangers of Self Harm, how to identify a student who is struggling with self-harm, and how you can help someone who is struggling with this Secret Addiction.

Tags: secret addiction, self-harm, teens
4. The Dating Dozen - Copy

12 Questions to ask your teen before they decide to date that special someone.

Tags: teens, dating, relationships
5. Just Ask Amy: Respecting Those Who Hurt

Amy, how do I respect a friend who has hurt me?

Tags: teens, friendship, hurt, trust, respect, disrespect
6. Just Ask Amy: Setting Boundaries

Amy, how can I make sure that I keep my boundaries in a relationship?

Tags: teens, relationships, boundaries, limits
7. Parenting is Not for the Faint at Heart!

An encouraging entry for parents written by Nancy Williams, counselor at Cornerstone Vision Counseling Center and survivor of raising three teenagers.

Tags: parenting, tips, parenthood, teens
8. Just Ask Amy: Emotional Attachment

Amy, how can I get rid of an emotional attachment toward someone without completely kicking them out of my life? Is there a way to prevent emotional ties in the future?

Tags: teens, emotions, attachment, relationships
9. Technology Contract

We heard your requests, Parents, and here it is! A wonderful and simple Technology Contract to use with your tweens and teens.

Tags: teens, technology, social media

Whether you are a parent, a teacher, a coach, or a youth worker, this quick guide will help you to better understand and respect the middle schoolers in your life.

Tags: teens, middle school, tips

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