Technology Contract


  • I will plug in my device in my parents’ room by ________ on school nights and _________ on weekends (even when friends are staying the night) and __________ on summer nights.
  • I will always answer or respond when my parents call or text me.
  • I will not use my device during meals, school, family time, friend time, and while interacting with others.
  • I will not use my device when people are talking to me in person.  I will put it aside, make eye contact and respond.
  • I will not hide or delete information on my device.
  • I will not download any app, music, movie, show, book, or game without receiving permission from my parent.
  • I will abide by the tech time limits set up for me by my parents.

Computer/Internet Use:

  • I will not look at, listen to, or talk about things that I wouldn’t want to show my parents.
  • I will never give my information such as my name, address, school, phone number, etc. to anyone online or anyone I don’t know, even if I believe the person to be safe.
  • I will never buy anything online without getting permission from my parent.
  • I will not join a social network without my parents' permission.

General Technology/Social Media Accounts:

  • I will never text, email, post or say anything that I would not say in person or in the presence of an adult.
  • I will never say something mean toward another person or their picture/status on Instagram/Twitter/etc.
  • I will never send, forward, or respond to a threatening, abusive, or sexual message. I will immediately tell my parent if I receive something inappropriate.
  • My parents will have all access to each of my devices and accounts. If I change my password, I need to tell the new password to my parent immediately.
  • If my device becomes damaged, lost, or broken, I am responsible to repair or buy a new one.
  • I will never use a device or account to lie, deceive or manipulate others.
  • I will never take, send or forward a picture of myself or others that I wouldn’t want my parents to see.
  • I understand that uploading or forwarding a picture that is provocative is seen as child pornography and is punishable by jail/labeled as a sexual offender.
  • I will not take or post selfies or pictures without my parents’ permission.
  • I will keep all my account settings as PRIVATE.

Parental Guidance:

  • I understand that my parents can add or change this contract at anytime.
  • I understand that my parents have the right to change or delete apps/contacts/friends/followers, etc. if they feel that it is unhealthy for me.  They will talk to me about this before changing it.
  • I understand that if I break anything on this contract, that it will result in the loss of my device for _____________.
  • I understand that if I repeatedly break this contract, that it will result in the loss of my device permanently.


Signed:_________________________________  Date: ______________________

Parent Signatures:_______________________________________________

Date: _________________


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WRITTEN BY Amy Hanna and Paige Clingenpeel