The First Thought


Respect may not come naturally to some, but there's times we forget how much respect can be gained just by being you. 

Recently I spent time with people that I knew, but was unsure how they viewed me. 

Would they talk behind my back and say the things they never would say to my face?

Would they pretend to like me and in reality truly dislike me with everything they have? 

These were just a few of the questions that sprouted throughout my head as I walked through the doors.

These thoughts planted themselves in my head and I knew there would be no way to dig them out.
Just have confidence! Hold my head high and hope for the best!
But, I wanted to pretend to be someone else.

They would like me better if I were someone else... Right?
I had no idea what was in store for me as I walked up to see their smiling faces and welcoming arms.
I was told how appreciated I was, and surprisingly just by being me, I was respected.
In essence, in order to be respected, I had to respect myself first.
It took time to realize this since I had always been told just to respect others, even if they don't respect me.
As I walked out of the situation that I was forced to confront, I found myself asking new questions...
"Why am I so afraid to be myself?"

"How could they possibly like me so much?"

"Why didn't I respect myself?"

I wonder, Do you ask yourself these questions too?