Waves have an entrancing intrigue that pulls you under their power.

They are all encompassing, intimidating and yet something naturally draws us to them.

There's something dangerous and exhilarating about just going to the edge where you have nothing beneath you, nothing tangible to rely on but your inner strength, knowing that you'll inevitably get pulled under their powerful grip.

Regret will remain from staying on the safety of the shore, so you decide to indulge the thrill.

You start standing firm in the sand plotting how you'll control what's you actually can. Your mind always thinks it can. The reality of the power that is beyond our control never seems to fully set in, until the instant you're taken with the wave.

Holding your breath, your heartbeats count the seconds under water. You fight free and catch your breath because it's instinct. Yet you wish you could freeze what you feel when pulled under. Wishing just to stay in the grey, the silence, just frozen without thought or worry for a little while longer.

As you rise out of the waves, they've left you disoriented, confused, trying to find your focus and your path back to the familiar and mundane because after all, those things ground you. You can stop the chaos by simply leaving. Simply swimming back to the shallow water, out of the very waves that call you. But you use all you have to keep your head above water. Because anything that's real is worth the unpredictability and depths you'll fight.  

The struggle sets in and you feel like succumbing to their infinite power. Just then they become subtle and calm. They allow you to catch your breath and thoughts, and it's as if they are almost calling you to come back to them. They move as you stand still in thought. They don't stop, they grow and magnify every single second.

Terror and excitement looms with every step that follows you.

You seek the wave before you and decide to jump in without abandon because you want to experience the thrill that is the path set before you. The one that YOU cannot control. Because those are the best kind of moments.

When the journey ends, you'll be completely fulfilled knowing that you didn't stay on the shore. That your fear didn't overtake you. You'll never be the same again. They've awakened your heart, your soul and shaken your foundation. Yet, you're alive, you're better for the journey and your heart and mind have experienced the waves at their full and incredible measure.

Fear. Fear seems to stop so many people from taking chances in life. This piece was written because in the water, in the waves my type A fearful and anxiety-ridden heart seems tamed. I, of course, get worried I’ve gone too far out. I take chances that I never would in those waves and I come out with a new sense of accomplishment and calm. Take chances in life! Some of the scariest moments are worth the most, they’re the most memorable. Be yourself, go for what you want! Try out for things, do something that scares you, because it will reward you and show you what you’re capable of...and it just may change your life at the same time too.

WRITTEN BY Jennifer Barnes