You Are

...waking up in the morning is challenging and difficult as it is; but for a young man or woman, their thoughts suddenly make it much more difficult.
the world around each and everyone of us… trains us mentally and physically to be someone we're not. to wear a specific style of clothing, to say the right things, to participate in the "right" clubs or sports, to look like Angelina Jolie on the cover of a magazine, to throw the ball like Peyton Manning; overall, to do what is considered "socially acceptable."

but what if we, set a new standard? what if we found enough confidence and worth in ourselves to beat the odds? what if we were the new different?…the ones that live with a greater purpose than what society gives.

our lives are filled with lies about who you are and what you should be; these lies can begin to fill the school hallways, your choir practice, the gym ...and build up inside until they tear someone down. thats where the change comes in, how do we overcome this "standard" in a world that's shaken. how do we protect ourselves, find worth, or the confidence in yourself? view yourself as priceless.

here's how; self confidence and finding yourself
1) your friends are everything, you need encouraging people in your life that have faith in you. when this happens, you find a new sense of strength inside. these are your "builders," they know that you are more than capable of anything you set your mind to. so find friends that support you and build you up inside.
2) be the change. if we know this standard is set everyday in our lives', what do we do? we change it! in your daily lives' when you hear something that is criticizing; stand up for that person or that group of people. make sure others know that you are confident, and put an end to an issue that effects every teen.
3) find your passion. each and every one of us are blessed with gifts, we need to use those. find your confidence in your success! it can range from art, to ministry, to music, to athletics. your talent is out there...go get it!
4) be yourself. now this one is can you be yourself if you dont even know who you really are? do everything in your power to stay true to your beliefs, your morals, and your ways; don't let society take that from you. when you are true to yourself, you know how to fight your own battles and be strong and confident. be yourself, and never let someone change you. as a teenager, thats the expectation in relationships and in friendships. stay true always!
5) positivity. be confident in yourself by not being negative towards your actions or body. you are beautiful in every way. living life is so much better with a positive mind. positivity improves not only yourself, but those around you.

use these things to overcome what your society considers "right." change your school, the locker room, the stage, the classroom, and everywhere in between. you are MORE than capable. finding yourself gives you an even greater purpose.

so recognize that you are loved, wanted, and you have a purpose.

but above are more than the worlds criticism. you are perfectly and wonderfully made and when you find who you are, and need to have the strength to be the teen that changes everything.

you are priceless.


WRITTEN BY Drezdan Ginder