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1. Your School Needs You

When our nation's teens are taking their lives on a daily basis, it's time for a change.  That change starts with you.  Freshman, Drezdan Ginder, encourages students to be part of the change in their schools and make a positive difference in someone's life.

Tags: be the change, kindness, friendship, respect, schools

This poem, written by Amy Hanna, was written for Northwood Middle School Leadership Academy as part of a talk about healthy vs. unhealthy friendships.

Tags: friendship, respect, poetry
3. Just Ask Amy: Respecting Those Who Hurt

Amy, how do I respect a friend who has hurt me?

Tags: teens, friendship, hurt, trust, respect, disrespect
4. Respond Vs. React

One way to show teens how to respect others is to model how to respond instead of how to react in conflict situations.

Tags: Teens, respect, respond

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