A powerful lesson in respect

We have heard your concerns about the lack of respect that students have for their teachers, administrators and fellow students. The RespectTeam would like to be a partner in helping to change the perspective of respect from being something that is set aside to something that is applied. Not only will we teach your students how to respect themselves, but we will also teach them how to respect you as their teacher, administrator, or coach. The RespectTeam doesn’t end there, we will also provide empowerment sessions for you throughout the year about ways that you can help your students through the issues that affect their self-respect and respect of others. Make sure to check the calendar for upcoming events designed just for you! Think of it as our way of saying that we VALUE, APPRECIATE and RESPECT the investment that you make in our young people throughout the year.

Today’s teens are constantly faced with society’s ever changing pressures. The presenters address some very tough, yet vitally important topics in their presentation. They have a gift relating to high school students and by “keeping it real” they capture and engage the students, helping them learn about themselves and decision making. At Homestead we consider this a “must do” as part of our curriculum each year and our students always give positive feedback about the presentation. The RespectTeam is passionate and professional and their message is profound.

Anne Tiernon

Homestead High School
Health Education

The RespectTeam's program is engaging and helps students discover their personal strengths, passions, personality traits and how to communicate effectively with others. Students learn about healthy vs. unhealthy relationships and how to date with a purpose. The Northrop students love the speakers and the thought provoking discussions. As a Health Educator, it is my hope that all young people will be given the opportunity to be a part of such a great program.

Janet Richter

Northrop High School
Health Education

My students and I love having the RespectTeam come to our classroom for too many reasons to count! Some of the main reasons, of course, include the crucial, relevant, and sometimes sensitive information that the speakers share. My high schoolers love being able to learn about respect, their bodies, and relationships in a safe environment. The speakers do just that...convey important topics in a manner that is both engaging and entertaining! I am proud to have them come into my classroom and the students are always asking them to come back! As a teacher, I love the supplemental, true-to-life topics that are taught in my classroom in addition to the body systems unit that they just learned about. I am confident and the quiz scores show that the respect, abstinence, relationships, and body knowledge really sinks in with all this!!

Melanie DeGrandchamp Busch

Health & Wellness Teacher
North Side High School

Throughout the presentation, I learned about relationships and gained good advice on how to handle myself when I'm in one. The way the information was presented was interactive, because the presenter got the whole class involved. We didn't just talk about it, but worked together to fill in the information. This got all of us engaged and involved in what we were learning about. I can use this information and apply it to different relationships that I am in today. I have a new perspective on relationships that I hadn't thought about before.


Leo High School



Respect your S.E.L.F.

This presentation is designed for 7th grade health classes. Students will learn S.E.L.F-respect by focusing on their Skills, Experiences, Likes, and Foundation. They will also learn about how to avoid different hindrances in life that could threaten the health of their S.E.L.F. This presentation is in accordance with the Indiana Department of Education standards for middle school abstinence education.

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Respect Me. Respect You.

This presentation is designed for 8th grade health classes. Students will think through what it means to know who they are, who they will become and how to set limits in life to make sure their future goals can happen. This presentation is in accordance with the Indiana Department of Education standards for middle school abstinence education.

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Respect in Relationships

This presentation is designed for high school health classes. It focuses on the subjects of respecting yourself by learning your personality style and communication style and respecting others by learning how differences can be respected and understood. Students will also learn that setting boundaries in relationships can not only help with self-respect but also with respect of others. This presentation is in accordance with the Indiana Department of Education standards for high school abstinence education.

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Executive Director of the RespectTeam

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