TeenSpeak Application Form


Applications for TeenSpeak 2022 are now available!

Please fill out each part of the form below. Even though you are sharing your story through video, we also ask that you summarize your story in the "write your story" section.


You now have a choice of uploading your own video or scheduling a recorded zoom interview with us!  We want to give you as much opportunity as possible, so if the video is preventing you from applying, leave that part of the form blank and we will contact you to schedule an interview!

If you choose to do your own video, please see the instructions below.

Information on how to upload your YouTube video:

Part of the application process is for us to hear you tell your story of strength. This will be done through a unpublished YouTube video.

  1. Record yourself telling your Story of Strength.  This does not need to be professional.  Most applicants use a phone to record and upload!  We just ask that we can clearly see you and hear you.
  2. Upload your video to YouTube and make sure to click unpublished.  This will keep your video private and will only allow those with the link to view it.
  3. Insert the link to your video in the form field in the application.

If you have any questions, please contact Amy Hanna at info@RespectTeam.com